• Alphatreat Domestic Wastewater and Sewage Treatment system Alphatreat Domestic Wastewater and Sewage Treatment system

Alphatreat Domestic Wastewater & Sewage Treatment System Polymer

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The Alphatreat Domestic Wastewater & Sewage Treatment System is available in polymer models and are the result of over twenty years experience in the wastewater and sewage treatment Industry. High quality components are used and all internal chambers are built in polypropylene, which is extremely strong and is impervious to corrosion, as are all internal fixings which are marine grade 316 stainless steel. The electrical component is simple and hard wired with overload protection, making it extremely reliable like the rest of the system.

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Listed below is the Alphatreat Wastewater Treatment System manufactured by Eco Water (Qld) Pty Ltd.

Alphatreat Polymer Twin Tank Models

The Alphatreat D10 Polymer wastewater treatment system is built inside two injection moulded purpose built tanks. The sewage treatment system is light weight (360Kg) and can be easily  transported upon a ute or trailer to site where it can be lifted into the excavation by the machine that digs it (no crane needed). The total volume of treatment within the polymer systems is 6, 400 litres with an invert of 400mm standard. If a deeper invert is required a 350mm polymer riser can be supplied with the systems.

Alphatreat DP10 H.H. Secondary High Head

AS above with a 30m Head Irrigation pump suitable for discharging to areas further than 30 metres or to a higher level, or for below ground pressure drippers.

Alphatreat Sewage Treatment System Documentation;

AlphaTreat DP10 Brochure
AlphaTreat DP10 Treatment Plant Owners Manual

AlphaTreat DP10 SV
AlphaTreat DP10 TV
AlphaTreat Wiring Diagram
AlphaTreat Installation Instructions
AlphaTreat Commissioning Certificate
Approval Number VIC EPA
Approval AWTS004 NSW Health
AMI 74763 - AS 1546.3 - Certificate of Conformity & Schedule

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Alphatreat Polymer Twin Tank Models - Type 1

  1. Multi-chamber system ensures five separate treatment stages including twoclarifiers
  2. Largest capacity injection moulded polymer tanks available … 3200 litres =  More volume = Better treatment!
  3. Air pump, has a 2 year warranty
  4. All metal fittings etc, inside tank, are 316-grade Stainless Steel.
  5. Government approved ~ Australian designed and manufactured.
  6. Simple rugged electrics –  Eliminates fragile motherboard or PLC to fail.
  7. Lightweight – Polymer model can be installed by the digger doing the excavation.
  8. Can be transported on a single pallet on a flat deck utility or large trailer to site.

Alphatreat D10SF H.H. Secondary High Head Water Discharge Quality:

Water Discharge Quality:
20mg / L BOD
30mg / L Suspended solids
100  / per 100ml (cfu) Thermotolerant count ‚Äč

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